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Area Monitoring


Detector Internal GM tube with 28.6 mm effective diameter and 66 mm effective length (Option :External GM tube)
Indicated Use Beta, Gamma and X-ray
Linearity within 15% of true value from 30 keV – 3 MeV
Sensitivity typically 40 cps / mR / hr (60Co Gamma)
Display 7 segments and 4 digits LED
Dose Rate 0.0 – 999.9 µSv/hr( **convert to 0.00-99.99 mR/hr**)
Dose Accuracy less than ±15%
Units µSv/hr
Alarm Siren or/and Flash Light
Dose Alarm Limit 0-999
Alarm Volume Level 0-110 dB
Alarm Type YES
Power 220 Vac. , 50 Hz. (Standard electric power)
Size 297 x 198 x 57 mm (W x H x D mm)
Wight 1.67 kg
Warranty (Body) 1 year
Warranty (PROBE) 9 months
Option External GM probe
Data storage (2 GB every 5 seconds continuously more than 1 year D/M/Y, Average, Min/Max, Dose limit)
Network software
ARM cover (outdoor use)
Mobile cart
Transformer (110 to 220 Vac.)
5 years warranty
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